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Boudoir guide

Sometimes a basic overview just isn't enough... 

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Why Book with us?

I have been shooting for the last 13 years and with that comes a lot of knowledge. I’m constantly seeking more knowledge and my work is always evolving.


I specialize in regular bodies, every body, big bodies, little bodies, bodies with scars, bodies with bumps, bodies you don’t even like, etc… everyone deserves to feel sexy and confident.

Most of all I know exactly how terrifying it is to get in front of a camera but I also know how amazing you'll feel after. It's a big part of why I chose to shoot boudoir.


You'll feel comfortable. That's the one thing I hear from my clients the most. 


Start Planning

Start planning a week prior to you session. Hydrate daily and baby your skin. Cleanse and hydrate your face and neck daily. This will help keep your skin even and make sure make up applies smooth.


You’ll also want to schedule any waxing or brow shaping appointments for at least 48 hours prior to you session. Don’t try anything new with your brows, stick with the good stuff.

If you don’t spray tan regularly avoid it. If you do want to spray tan please do no spray the day of your session and make sure you’ve showered after your last spray.

If you want a new tattoo before your boudoir experience, make sure it’s done well in advance to allow for proper healing time.

Avoid being in the sun for long periods of time. Sun burns are no fun.   

Skip the alcohol the night before. It’ll dehydrate you and can deplete the skin of vital nutrients that will make it look lackluster and dull.

Day of your session

Put me on repeat! Hydration is a huge theme here. Drink that water.

Eat a small healthy meal and nothing that will cause you to bloat. Please do not skip a meal. We don’t want you famished, and we don’t want you to pass out. Also want you to avoid large meals. No one feels their most confident with a food baby on board.

Be sure to shower, moisturize and dry your hair.


Wear loose clothing. Skip the bra and tight leggings. These can leave imprints on your body.

Shave the day before or wax at least 48hours prior. Avoid this the morning of your session.

STRETCH… this is basically an extended yoga session. You’ll need to be ready to pop’n’hold.

Make sure your feet are clean. We don't often think about the bottom of our feet but they are visible.



If you're looking for that little extra for your session check out some of our preferred vendors! 

Full Volume Lashes

Kameo Lash Co

Cecelia is a lash goddess! She'll have you ready for your session and taking on everyday with your best lash set ever!

Natural lashes, Brows and More

Beauty Elite

From a lash lift and tint, brow lamination to more permanent services like lip blush and microblading. 

Needle Free Lip Fillers

Skehmet Salon

My favorite service with Amber is lips. Please do this well in advance to your session but if you want plump lips without the pain of traditional lip filler this is your girl! 


what should I bring?

Pack your outfits on hangers to avoid wrinkles

If you have a pair of shoes you don’t wear out but they scream HELLO THIS IS ME… bring those too! Barefoot is okay too.

Bondage and kink props are also welcomed in studio.


If you have a favorite lipstick, please bring that and we can do touch ups during the session after the make-up artist leaves.


Please bring all gratuities for the make up artist in cash

What should I wear?

This is the fun part!

Wear whatever makes you feel sexy. It could be your partners hoodie, an over sized sweater or a matching set. Have fun with it, let your personality shine through.

Try to pick out matching sets as they tend to photograph better than mismatched items. Body suits are also an amazing option.

TRY EVERYTHING ON! Remember you’re using these items for a photoshoot. Make sure they don’t cut in. Size up if you need to, numbers don’t matter right now.


Can you be naked? YES!

We just have a strict NO P.P.P. Rule… no pink, no penis, no penetration.


What's in the studio?

Our studio is small but mighty! We're inside a building shared with cascade JuJitsu and a few other businesses. On the first floor and easy to find when you enter on Everett Ave. 


You'll come into a special set up for hair and make up as well as our client closet. 

Our shooting space is amazing. We have a luxury silver tone canopy bed, blue velvet couch, a large mirror, red chair, a shower scene set up as well as monthly and quarterly exclusive sets. 

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Can I use the closet?

Yes! Our closet is sized xxs-4x. We ask that you bring both a solid black thong and a solid skin ton thong to wear under our outfits. If you plan on using outfits exclusively from our collection please let us know in advance what size you are so we can pull some options. 


Upgrade your session

We have a few session upgrade options. These options cost a bit more because they require more session time and often special editing.

Shower Scene

We have a freestanding faux shower. These photos might not be steamy in real life but they will sure look hot. 

Angel Wings

We have huge, grey angel wings that go past your waist. Prove to everyone you are that sweet, innocent angel.


We have a navy blue and gold collar, leash, wrist and ankle cuffs as well as a gold spreader bar. 

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Retouching and editing

You won't see any unedited images. 

Yes all of the photos, typically 50+ will be fully edited

What's 'fully edited?'

Your skin is retouched. Blemishes, bruises, cellulite, and evens scars are removed during this process. 

Lighting is adjusted and shadows added. We use this to help hide things that posing didn't.

I will occasionally nip and tuck a little but I won't reshape you into a completely new human. You are f*cking amazing just the way you are and we're here to celebrate that. You deserve to look like like the girls in the ad's but we gotta keep the part of you that makes you unique there. 

"You can just edit that"

Girrrrrrlllll.... Don't start with me.

The answer is yes. Yes, I probably could edit that but editing is the most time consuming part of this job. We need to make sure we get it right in camera. If you can fix it in real life, get it fixed before you come in. I cannot edit out your roots, add fake nails or erase your tan lines. It will simply mean too much time behind the computer with far too many cuss words and my ADHD ass just can't stand it.

Why is boudoir expensive?

Normally I'm not one to explain my pricing and all that goes into running a business but sometimes I think this is just a genuine question. 

There is a lot behind the scenes that you don’t see. My most hated thing is laundry. Washing lingerie means 3 steps. First and foremost, sanitize. I use a sanitizer approved by the FDA but also safe for children and animals. Then we do a hand wash or sensitive was depending on the garment (some of our outfits are $600+) and lastly a hang dry. I also must wash all bedding, all the time.

Duh, editing is a hassle but also one of the most important parts. First, we cull the images (pick the good ones delete the bad ones) do a base edit on them (clear lighting, increase details, tone changes, etc) Then I will pull every image up and decide on what to keep and what to edit. Editing means changes in lighting, adding shadows, removing shadows, brightening eyes, skin smoothing but not too smooth, removing the lipstick I didn’t notice got on your teeth, tucking in those little lumps that happen when we wear bras, removing scars if you requested etc… in depth. EVERY SINGLE IMAGE…. Our session might be an hour but I’m behind the computer a lot more.

Each set-in studio costs time and money to set up. Sheets are something we blow through. I cannot stand the way a satin sheet looks after 3 washes… it’s just a no. Time to clean everything makes me feel like a sloth when we’re done.

For every photographer we have at least $25k invested in our actual photography gear. Add my studio stuff and tech—I have my life invested in this. We have studio rent, insurance, heat, wifi, etc it’s basically a whole other home to manage. We also have a monthly payment for our programs and websites that deliver your digital images and connect to our professional printers.

Point is, it’s not shoot, click, done. It’s contact client, get contract, set payment plan set date, set up, clean up, shoot, upload, cull, base edit, cull again, professionally edit, upload to online album, contact client, set up a reveal.

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eDSC_5159 copy.jpg

why are you different?

The biggest difference in shooting with me is attention to detail, not just in camera but in editing. My superpower is my ADHD. I edit all my clients the way I’d like to be edited. I want only the best version of myself out there especially when we’re constantly in a battle between filter and real life.

It’s my job to keep the photo as authentically you as possible but also giving you the touch up and glow that magazines show us we should be. I use light and shadows to camouflage parts of our bodies that we might not be most comfortable with. I use skin smoothing software but always go back and pull my details back so you can see eyes and lips clearly.


The goal is to love your body, to see it as most people do. When a stranger looks at you they aren’t pick you apart. They see your beauty. It's time you see it


"Jessica is THE BEST. Hands down. She's funny, easy to work with, and makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera." 


Jessica is an INCREDIBLE photographer and a joy to work with. She is especially skilled at taking a clients vision and bringing it to life seamlessly."



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